Bolton High School Band Handbook 2016-17

Great bands are not built on many don'ts or things not allowed. Great bands are made by students wanting to learn and giving their best at all times. This handbook is for the Bolton Band members and their parents with the hope of giving information regarding the various phases, activities, policies, and regulations of the instrumental music program.
Band probably requires more time outside the school day from more students than any other school activity. It is also true that few, if any, other activities are more richly rewarding in terms of good fellowship, healthful recreation, academic enrichment, and the satisfaction which can come only from a job well done.
All band members and parents are urged to read the entire handbook carefully at the beginning of each school year to avoid conflicts with the policies and rules stated herein. Please contact the director if you have any questions or concerns. This handbook (2016-17) shall supersede any previous volume.

David E. Chipman
Director of Bands

Handbook Agreement Form- Click here. After you have read the entire handbook, please print, sign and turn in this form by Friday, August 26, 2016

Instrumental Music Department Philosophy
Music education is a primary means by which an educational institution can transmit to students the cultural heritage of society. Music transcends barriers of ethnic background, economic status, language, and even literacy in its power to reach the depths of the human soul. Experiences with music develop a student's ability to make value judgments, to function logically as well as Intuitively, and to utilize one's innate creativity. Participation in performance organizations encourages initiative and leadership in the students, stimulates goal-oriented thought processes, creates an appreciation and respect for the efforts of others, and assists
students to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves, the organization, and in a broad sense, society. We recognize that few high school musicians make music a career. However, the mental discipline and thought processes required in the study of music are applicable in all fields of endeavor.
General Objectives:
-To make participation in instrumental music available to all students with appropriate skills.
-To develop musical experiences that enhance students' overall educational experiences.
-To provide a suitable background in music instruction for those students who elect to continue the study of music after graduation.
-To develop a life-long appreciation for music and continuation of musical activities.
-To develop performing organizations that are a source of pride for the individual, the school, and the community.


PRIVATE LESSONS -Private lessons are the key to developing an outstanding musical organization. Students who study their instruments privately with a qualified professional show rapid improvement in individual musicianship. As these students improve, their excitement towards practicing increases, they continue to improve, and they become a stronger contributor to the overall success of the band. Private instruction has a great impact on the individual student and on our band program both this year and in the future. The Director will assist you, if needed, in selecting a private instructor. Private Instructors should be degreed professionals on their instrument. The key to satisfactory results from private instruction is to start as soon as possible.
QUALITY INSTRUMENTS - Nothing is more frustrating for a band member than to try to produce the proper sound on an inferior instrument. It is recommended that the best possible instrument be purchased. Not only will it produce a superior sound and prevent some technical problems, it is also a wise investment. Please consult the band director or private teacher before buying a new or used instrument.
QUALITY MOUTHPIECES - Mouthpieces can make a big difference in proper tone production. Please consult the band director or private teacher before buying a new mouthpiece. The director reserves the right to ask a student to change mouth pieces.
QUALITY EQUIPMENT - All reed players should be very selective when choosing reeds. A poor reed can destroy the sound of the most expensive instrument or mouthpiece. Students should have at least 3 tested, good reeds at all times. The director reserves the right to ask a student to change reed strengths and/or brands, if he feels it will enhance or improve performance. Plastic reeds are not permitted. Percussion players should ALWAYS throw away broken or warped sticks. Proper technique is impossible when using damaged equipment.
SCHOOL INSTRUMENTS - All students who use a school instrument will be required to sign an agreement(along with parents) and may be asked to pay a nominal yearly maintained fee. Instruments will be issued in good working order. It will be the responsibility of the student to maintain the instrument and to turn it back in the same condition. Any damage, due to misuse, will be the responsibility of the student.


1. School Rules must be followed by band members at all band related functions. Classroom rules will be posted in the band room and a copy of those rules will be sent home for parent review and signature on the first day of the school year. The director will review and explain classroom rules with students during the first week of school.

2. Classroom Procedures :

a. Follow directions the first time they are given.

b. Come to class with all materials. This includes mouthpiece, instrument, music, reeds, and pencil.

c. Be on time to class.  On time means in place, instrument out, and ready to play,  3 minutes after the late bell rings.  Students may warm-up at this time.

d. When the teacher/conductor steps onto the podium, all practice will stop. Quiet.

e. When the teacher/conductor is off the podium, between musical selections, practice is permitted, socializing is not.

f. Be courteous to fellow students and teacher.  No yelling, physical contact, or horseplay (hitting, pushing, etc). In other words, treat people as would like to be treated.

g. Be respectful of other's property. If an item does not belong to you, do not touch it. Stealing or misappropriation of school or personal property (regardless of intent to return) shall be referred to School Administration and School Resource Officers. Stealing personal or school owned items shall result in the student being removed from the band program.

h. Use classroom equipment properly. Sit only on the seat of the chair. Do not touch a music stand unless you are about to use it. Any damage to equipment will be charged to the student. Chairs: $65.00, Music Stands: $42.00.

i. If you don't play it, don't touch it. Any damage to instruments will be charged to the student.

j. Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.


FIRST TIME:  Warning. Daily conduct grade is lowered to an "S"

SECOND TIME: Conduct grade is lowered to an "N" for the day

THIRD TIME: Daily conduct grade is lowered to a "U",  plus parent contact/conference.

FOURTH TIME: All the above, and student is removed from the classroom and referred to the appropriate Grade-Level Administrator.

SEVERE DISRUPTION: A disciplinary form will be sent, along with the student, to the Assistant Principal’s office.  Severe disruptions include: fighting, use of profanity, inappropriate verbal exchange, vandalism, defacing or destruction of school property, or insubordination toward teacher.

3. Rehearsals - Each band member should be ready to play at the time designated by the director. Members should bring instruments, all music, a pencil, and any special items: mutes, drill charts, etc. Band members are expected to attend all rehearsals. Any unexcused absence will result in a grade of "0" for the rehearsal grade. Like performances, rehearsals are unique and cannot be recreated. Therefore, students cannot 'make up' a missed rehearsal. Arriving late or leaving a rehearsal early is not permitted. Also, the dress code for rehearsals is the same as during the school day. Students are expected to fully cooperate, listen and focus during rehearsals, no exceptions. There will be no talking during rehearsals. Student leaders may give limited verbal instruction, as long as it is conducive to the rehearsal. Electronic devices are not allowed at rehearsal. They will be taken up and returned to the parent only. Rehearsals will begin on time. The Director and Staff will make every effort to end rehearsal promptly at the scheduled ending time, however, occasionally, it may be necessary to extend rehearsal time. This will usually not be necessary unless students have not made adequate use of the given rehearsal time. Minutes WILL be added due to student talking / lack of focus.

Members should expect to be corrected during rehearsals. Corrections/suggestions are not to be taken as personal attacks, but as a way for you to improve your performance. Members will be expected to memorize music and routines and to know their drill coordinates on the field. Members can expect to be quizzed at any time on these items. Since we work to perfect only one show during the season, members should strive for constant improvement at every rehearsal. We will accept nothing less. Members must have the desire to produce the best show/concert possible. These should be not only our expectations of you but, equally as important, your expectations for yourself and each other. Encourage, Help and Lift Up each other at all times.


4.Checking out of School or leaving after school on the day of a band event (rehearsal, performance):
If a student must check out of school through the Attendance Office because of illness of other reason and they were in attendance a majority of the day (as determined by SCS and the BHS Attendance Office), that student is expected to attend any after school band events scheduled for that day. If they cannot attend because of illness, they need to return with a doctor’s note specifying the illness and why they could not participate in the band event. This must be done within one week of the absence for it to possibly be excused.
The student or the parent is asked to contact the director to inform them that the student has checked out and stated whether or not the student will be attending the after school band event. This is not intended to be an inconvenience to the student or the parent. It will simply make it possible for the director to stay informed and make appropriate adjustments in what will be covered at the the band event. If that checking out of school was for a planned event (like a doctor’s appointment, the director should have been notified two weeks in advance per the procedures stated in this handbook.

5. Extra Full Band or Section Rehearsals - may be scheduled by the band director, instructional staff or section leader, as the need arises. They must be scheduled at least five school days in advance. Absences must be approved by the director.

6. Performances - All scheduled activities are mandatory for all band members. Members shall be penalized for tardiness to the performance unless satisfactory reasons are presented. Excuses, no matter how good they are, will not produce a fine band. They are to be given only for the gravest of reasons. Members are to be attentive, punctual, and orderly at all activities. Please note that students chosen for the Symphonic Band will have two additional required performances; the spring trip and Graduation. Symphonic band members not going on the spring trip may be placed in concert band for the remainder of the year, depending on the circumstances. This also includes all students in leadership positions. Being absent from school on the day of a performance does not excuse you from that performance.
The director shall approve the absence only in the gravest of circumstances, such as *severe personal illness (with a Dr. note) or death in the immediate family. Examples of invalid excuses are: jobs, parties, family trips/celebrations, concerts, community/church events, etc. Please do not ask for any exceptions to this rule. The success of the group depends on student attendance and dedication. Any unexcused absence will result in a grade of "0" for a performance, and a reduction in the final nine-week grade (aprox. 8 points for football games and 12 points for Saturday marching contests, festivals, and concerts). Performances are unique and only happen once, therefore there can be no make-up work for a grade reduction. Two unexcused absences may result in the student being removed from the band program. *Absences due to illness require a doctor’s note stating the student was too ill to participate.

*Students will not be excused from an event, based on their previous attendance record. In other words, Students do not earn "Personal Days" in band.

**Seniors-- although you are granted excused absences from school for college visits, for the success of the band, they should not be scheduled on the date of any performance. Performance and contest dates will be posted as soon as possible after school starts in August. Anyone missing a performance due to a college visit will incur the appropriate grade penalty and/or will be removed from any section leader or officer position they hold.

7. Instruments are to be properly cleaned, oiled, and kept in good playing condition at all times. Any needed repairs should be taken care of immediately. Please bring a broken instrument to the director before taking it to the shop(I can usually save you time and money). Please take care of routine maintenance before class/rehearsal begins.

8. Practice is expected from every band member. Practice at home should be a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Choose a time period that does not interfere with any other activity, so that you may focus on your instrument and music. Always practice for results and accuracy. Remember: it's not the length of time you practice, it is what you get accomplished in that time period that produces results. REMEMBER: INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC IS A CORE ACADEMIC COURSE AND PRACTICING IS YOUR HOMEWORK. Audio recorded homework assignments and/or practice records will be turned in, if the director feels the student is not maintaining a regular individual practice schedule.

9. Music is the responsibility of the individual. Each band member will be required to purchase a flip folder and lyre (to attach flip folder to instrument) during marching season and will be issued a concert folder during concert season. Music is to be kept in folders at all times. When not in use, folders are to be kept in the folder cabinet, in the appropriate slot. Band members will receive a 20 point reduction in their daily grade for leaving folders or music (and drill charts during marching season) in inappropriate places such as: on music stands, chairs, floor, instrument room, marching field, home, etc. Lost or damaged music and folders must be paid for by the student, at the current cost of replacement. Do not fold, tear, or mutilate the music in any way. Students will be charged for missing/damaged music or folders. All music is the property of Bolton High School and will be turned in after performances. Replacement costs: Music- .25 - 1.00 per page; flip folders: $6.00; flip folder pages - $ 0.50 each.
One or more Librarians will be appointed by the director and will be in charge of the distribution and taking up of all music. It will be the responsibility of the Librarians to keep the music library in order with all music in its proper place. Students (other than librarians) are not allowed in the Library room without the director's permission.

10. Uniforms:


Each band member shall be issued a complete uniform to meet their own individual needs prior to performances. Each member is expected to return the uniform in the condition it was issued (with allowance for wear) and is financially responsible for any repairs or replacement. Parents will be asked to sign a uniform contract at the beginning of the year.
The student may not wear a uniform until the contract is signed and band fees are paid(or a payment plan has been worked out).
No exchange of a uniform or portion thereof may be made without the approval of the person in charge of such matters. A uniform cleaning/maintenance fee is included in the $475.00 yearly band fee.
Band T- Shirts will be worn on game days and will be worn as the band uniform during the first couple of football games. Shirts are to be worn as issued. Student will be required to wear the current T-Shirt under their uniform during all marching performances and contests. Extra lettering, airbrushing, etc. will not be allowed.
Band SHOES: Each band member must own a pair of black band shoes. These shoes are ordered during band camp each year. Shoes are to be clean and polished (at home) before each performance. Student Names will be written inside band shoes. Shoes left in the bandroom will be taken up. Students will be charged a $3.00 fine. Black, crew length socks are to be worn with the band shoes. Ankle socks are not permitted.


All students are required to wear formal concert attire for all concerts.  The concert wear must be purchased through the vendor approved by the Band Director in order to insure uniformity.  Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the Band Director.  Concert attire for boys is black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund, black crew length socks, and solid black dress shoes or band shoes.  Concert attire for girls is black dress and black, closed toe shoes (purchased on your own) with a heel no higher than two inches.  Jewelry should be kept to a bare minimum. 

All concert wear must be stored in the garment bag in which it is sent home.  The concert wear must be in the garment bag for all events, such as the spring trip, when the band travels.  Shoes may not be packed in the garment bag on the spring trip.

Concert wear must be clean before every performance.  Tuxedo jackets and pants must be dry cleaned.  Tuxedo shirts and dresses may be washed.  More detailed cleaning instructions are sent home with the concert wear.

Concert attire for freshmen and students new to the band program are ordered by the concert wear chairperson in early fall based on measurements taken during band camp or early in the school year. Cost of concert attire is as follows: $100 for tuxedos; $60 for concert dresses. This cost is in addition to the yearly band fee. Minor alterations, such as hemming, are included in the cost of the concert wear and will be completed before the concert attire is sent home.  Any further alterations (such as letting hems down) and repairs are the responsibility of the student and parents. 

Returning students should try on their concert wear before band camp each year so that any replacement pieces can be included in the order placed in the fall.  The cost will be just the cost of the item needed and will include alterations, such as hemming.  Replacement pieces may also be reordered by parents directly from the approved vendor at any time.  Parents who order directly from the vendor will be responsible for all alterations.  Please contact the concert wear chairperson with any questions.

Lost bow ties and cummerbunds may be purchased from the concert wear chairperson at any time.  

Students may outgrow the concert wear.  It is the responsibility of the student and parents to make sure that the concert wear fits before each performance. 

The cost of the concert wear shall be paid by the student and the concert attire will belong to the student. The concert wear MUST be paid for before the student will be allowed to take it home. 

Personal Appearance(applies to Marching and Concert Season): SCS regulations shall apply and be enforced, regarding NO facial jewelry of any kind. While in uniform, students with pierced ears shall wear only one (each ear) of very small stud-type earrings. Remove all bracelets and anything else that will show. Hair length must be slightly above the collar when the head is in instrument playing position. If hair is longer, the student should either cut it before competition or wear it up so that it fits inside the hat. Contests and Festivals we attend have strict uniform codes. Even one student not in compliance will result in point reductions for the entire ensemble.

Hair shall be "human colors" only and should not be worn as to draw attention to you. In other words, no spikes, mohawks, blue, pink, green colors, etc. Use common sense. The band director and school administrator (if needed) shall be the final judge as to what is appropriate.

Students will not be allowed to perform, if they CHOOSE not to dress properly.

11. The Band Room is for BAND MEMBERS ONLY. Students not enrolled in the band program are not allowed in the band room at any time. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is not allowed and will be strictly enforced. Band members are expected to help keep the room clean. Personal items, including books, book bags, shoes, etc. are not to be left in the band room during the school day or over night. The band room IS NOT A LOCKER. Jackets may be hung up in the morning and left in the band room during the school day only. Items left in the band room will be placed in the hallway at the end of the day.

12. Riding in Buses - When taking a trip, students will load in order of seniority. The assigned chaperones will write the student's name as he/she boards the bus. All band members will ride the bus to the performance. Students may ride home with someone else, providing that they present the chaperone a signed note from their parents, explaining whom they will riding home with. Students may not exchange buses unless permission is given by the director. Roll will be called just before departure with everyone seated and quiet. Just before the destination is reached, everyone will remain quiet as the director and bus driver discuss final directions. No one will leave their seat until permission is given. Students shall remain seated at all times.
No food or drink is allowed on buses unless otherwise indicated. All members are responsible for disposal of trash in the event eating occurs on longer trips. Keep the bus clean and cause no damage. Students may bring electronic devices, with headphones, on longer trips.
Students are expected to load and unload all of their equipment and be responsible for it during the trip. All percussionists will help load and unload percussion equipment.
While on the bus, students will speak in a normal speaking voice at all times. Noise will be kept to a minimum. Shouting is forbidden. Shouting from windows is forbidden. Place no portion of the body outside the window at any time. The use of camera flashes, including cell phone cameras is a safety violation and will not be allowed.
PDA (Public Displays of Affection) will not be tolerated at any time during a band event, including travel to and from that event.
Do not play any instrument on the bus. Do not drum on seats, hats, or any non-percussion item. Sticks and mallets will be stored in the drum cases during transport. It is the duty of the band officers and chaperones to report any misconduct on the bus.

13. Graduation Exercises
At the end of the school year, the Symphonic Band will perform for Graduation exercises. This event takes place during the last week of school or possibly one to two days after school has been dismissed for the summer. All Symphonic Band members and others, designated by the director, including graduating seniors, are required to participate in this performance. If a student does not attend, he/she shall have their final nine week grade lowered by 10 points. The director will revoke letters of recommendation, written for any senior in the symphonic band who does not participate.

14. Football Games - The following are guidelines that Bolton Band Members must follow at football games. Students not observing these rules will receive a 10-point reduction in their performance grade for each offence and will not receive merits for the event. If a student receives 3 violations, he/she will be removed from the band set and sent home. The student will be referred to the discipline office on the next school day. Also, students arriving late to the performance will lose their break.
a. The band will line up to march into the stadium before the start of the game. Observe proper marching technique when proceeding into/out of the stadium. Any variation will not be tolerated. Be serious and proud!
b. After marching at half time, students will have most of the third quarter off. All members must be back in the band set, ready to play with 2:00 remaining on the clock(third quarter). Violators will lose their break during the next game.
c. Band members may not leave the band set, except during the third quarter break.
d. Band members may not leave the game early.
e. Members will sit in their sections at all times.
f. There will be no eating in uniform at any time. This includes gum, candy, etc. During the break, members may drink Sprite or Water ONLY.
g. No drinks in the stands.
h. Do not play instruments while the entire band is not playing, except in certain cheers. Any music performed in public must be approved by the director, written out, and properly rehearsed.
i. Only uniformed Bolton Band Members are allowed in the band set. Ask all friends who are not in the band program to sit in another part of the stands away from the band set.
j. Watch the director and field commander when they are in front of the band. Be ready to play.
k. Be courteous and show respect to spectators and other bands.
l. No Part of the uniform will be unfastened or removed at any time, with the exception of band hats and loosen overlay collars while in the stands. Baseball caps are not part of the uniform, and will not be allowed. Reminders: Report immediately any trouble with spectators, band members or students from other schools, etc.. Cheer and help to keep the crowd into the game.

m. No electronic devices in the stands, i.e. cell phones, cameras, headphones, etc. These items will be taken up and returned following a parent conference.

The band makes no trips unless accompanied by chaperones. Because the band director cannot be in a position to supervise at all times and locations, the success of the program relies heavily on the presence of good chaperones.
Chaperones should be active and assume responsibility. They should not hesitate to stop any practices which seem questionable, out of place, or definitely wrong.
The following are examples of activities which will not be tolerated:
-untidy appearance
-wearing uniform improperly
-leaving bus or assembly area without permission
-exchanging busses
-PDA (Keep your hands to yourselves). Band functions are not a "date."
-anything which might reflect negatively on the expected conduct of the band.

The Band Booster Organization is to support the band program in raising money and promoting the activities of the band. The band program could not exist or function properly without parental support. Parents are urged to attend meetings, events, and to lend their support whenever possible. All parents who wish to volunteer will be asked to fill out a volunteer sheet. Meeting schedules will be announced. Email


All Bolton Band Students are required to pay a band activity fee of $475.00 to cover the operating expenses of the band program. This fee covers many of the band expenses throughout the year. Some of these include drill design, musical arrangements, flags and equipment, repairs, music, instructional staff, and the purchase and general maintenance of the band uniforms. The fee also covers most transportation costs, the upkeep of the band’s photocopy machine, one all-west audition fee, and one solo and ensemble fee. The fee does not cover transportation costs to clinics (All West, All State) or the cost of hotel stays. The fee does not cover the cost of the Spring Trip. Families that need to make special arrangements for extended payments should contact Mr Chipman, Mr. Anthony Cutler, Booster Pres. (email: or Treasurer of the BHS Band Boosters, Emily Kraul-Garcia: . Students are encouraged to participate in band fund raisers each year to supplement the band and trip fees. All of the monies collected and raised go directly to the education of our band members. Fine Arts Programs in Shelby County receive minimul funding from the School System. A copy of the budget and financial reports are available.

Families with 3 or more students in the band program will pay only 2 band fees.

**Failure to pay fees or make special arrangements in a timely fashion will result in a hold being put on a student’s school records, including report cards, diplomas, transcripts, etc.  Also, please be advised that dropping out of the band program and/or transfering schools before the senior year does not excuse the payment of band fees.  The outstanding balance will remain on the school's hold list until it is paid.

We cannot stress enough that if you have trouble making any of these payment deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact the band director,, or booster president :

We do not want financial difficulties to keep anyone from participating in the BHS Band.

Monthly calendars, containing all rehearsals, performances, and events will be posted at least two weeks before the start of the month. The calendar is also on the band website.

The Bolton Band has a website containing all pertinent information to the band program. The web address is:

Each nine week grade will be calculated according to the following:
Daily class preparation, participation, playing tests, and
recorded assignments(when necessary) 40%
Performances 35%
After School Rehearsals 25%
In order for a student to receive full credit in each category, he/she must successfully complete the above requirements.

Each student receives a conduct grade each nine week grading period. Conduct grades in band class are based on the following criteria:
E (Excellent): Always refrains from talking during rehearsals and when so instructed; shows respect for directors, staff, student leaders, and fellow band members; represents the school to highest level during performances or on trips; demonstrates a positive attitude; refrains from rowdiness; takes proper care of all equipment, whether school owned or privately owned; assists in the effective operation of productive rehearsals; follows all rules stated in the Band Handbook; follows all Shelby County Schools rules and those specified by the administration at Bolton High School.
S (Satisfactory): Usually refrains from talking during rehearsals and when so instructed; shows respect for directors, staff, student leaders, and fellow band members; represents the school to highest level during performances or on trips; demonstrates a positive attitude; refrains from rowdiness; takes proper care of all equipment, whether school owned or privately owned; assists in the effective operation of productive rehearsals; follows all rules stated in the Band Handbook; follows all Shelby County Schools rules and those specified by the administration at Bolton High School.
N (Not Satisfactory): Sometimes refrains from talking during rehearsals and when so instructed; shows respect for directors, staff, student leaders, and fellow band members; represents the school to highest level during performances or on trips; demonstrates a positive attitude; refrains from rowdiness; takes proper care of all equipment, whether school owned or privately owned; assists in the effective operation of productive rehearsals; follows all rules stated in the Band Handbook; follows all Shelby County Schools rules and those specified by the administration at Bolton High School.
U (Unsatisfactory): Almost Never or Never refrains from talking during rehearsals and when so instructed; shows respect for directors, staff, student leaders, and fellow band members; represents the school to highest level during performances or on trips; demonstrates a positive attitude; refrains from rowdiness; takes proper care of all equipment, whether school owned or privately owned; assists in the effective operation of productive rehearsals; follows all rules stated in the Band Handbook; follows all Shelby County Schools rules and those specified by the administration at Bolton High School. **Parents will be contacted by the director when a student's conduct grade is at the N or the U level.


Unexcused absence from an after school rehearsal -
A grade of 0 for the rehearsal and
-5 points from the final nine week grade on
and after the 2nd offence, plus parent notification.
Unexcused absence from a performance -
A grade of 0 for the performance and
reduction in the final nine week grade (aprox. 9 points for football games and 16 points for contests, festivals, and concerts). There is no make-up work in band. Performances are unique, happen only once and cannot be made up.
Tardy to any rehearsal or performance ( not in place, ready to perform) -10 points from the rehearsal or performance grade for each 5 minutes a student is late. (this includes not being dressed in uniform on time)
Lack of materials in class or rehearsal :
-Instrument/part of instrument- "0" for daily/rehearsal grade and -10 points from the final nine weeks grade after the 3rd offence. Music: -20 points from daily grade.
-Pencil: -5 points from a daily or rehearsal grade.
-Not taking instrument home - -20 points from daily grade and -5 from final nine weeks average(each time) after the 3rd offence and parent notified. If you have two instruments, you may leave one at school. Please notify the director and section leader.
-Chewing gum, eating, or drinking (open drink can/bottle) in the band room at any time: conduct grade lowered to N, and parent notification after the 2nd offence.
Recorded assignment not turned in- "0" for assignment grade.
-Music, drill charts, instruments put or left out in inappropriate
places (chair, floor, folder left out, etc.)-
-20 points from daily or rehearsal grade.
**NOTE** - Please keep up with drill charts. Replacement cost: $10.00 per book

The following are a list of awards that Bolton Band members are eligible to receive and the qualifications that must be met. The Band Director will have the final decision whether or not to present any of these awards to any student. The awards banquet is held in May. Eligible students are required to purchase a ticket and attend the banquet in order to receive awards. Senior band members will receive one complementary ticket for themselves.
A personalized plaque will be presented to students for earning placement in All West and All State ensembles.
The Most Improved Musician Award is given to the students who have exhibited the most overall improvement in playing their instrument, over the course of the school year.

Merits are awarded to students as a means of recognizing extra activities and effort. A total of 500 merits are needed to qualify for a letter (Freshmen year) or chevron (Soph., Jr., Sr. years). Receiving the required number of merits does not guarantee an award, but only qualifies a student for the award. The final decision will be made by the director. Taken into consideration are attitude, participation in West Tennessee Honor Band auditions, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and all required performances and rehearsals. Students will not receive merits for an event if they are tardy or disruptive in any way. The merit system goes into effect for the current school year in June and concludes on the week before the Awards Banquet in May. *Students must be present at the banquet to receive awards. Awards will not be given out at any other time. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTERING EVENTS IN THE MERIT BOOK.

The following is a list of activities for which a student may earn merits:



*a student with a rating of IV or V shall not receive merits for this event

JAZZ BAND PARTICIPATION (per semester) -50
BAND CAMP (4-half day, 5-full day)- 80

PRESIDENT - The President is the senior officer present at all functions, and in the absence of the director the president will be in charge of the band. The President will lead student discussions and will be in charge at officers meetings. Included among duties will be uniform inspection before a performance.
FIELD COMMANDER - The Field Commander is in charge of the band when so designated by the director. This includes rehearsals, and all other outdoor activities. The Field Commander will also hold the position of Vice President, and will take charge of student activities in the absence of the president
CLASS REPRESENTATIVES - Class representatives are elected by the members of their respected classes to be their spokesmen in officer's meetings. Class Reps should know and talk to the members of their class and be ready to present any questions or concerns to the director.

QUARTERMASTER - The Quartermaster is appointed by the Director. This student will assist the Director in maintaining the bandroom, equipment, transportation and loading issues, etc. Assistant Quartermasters will be chosen, but are not band officers.

HEAD MUSIC LIBRARIAN - The head music librarian is appointed by the Director. This student is in charge of maintaining all of the band's music and distribution of music to students. Assistant librarians may be chosen, but are not considered band officers.

*In the event that an officer position is vacated, the director shall name a successor from from a pool of current student leaders.

Head Section Leaders and Associates will be appointed by the director, through an audition process. They should see that their sections are functioning properly at all times. They should see that the members of their section are playing their parts properly. They should check equipment, instruments, uniforms, and music regularly and report their findings to the director. In short, they should be positive role models at all times. If section leaders fail to execute their responsibilities, they will be relieved of their duties.

Much of the success of a fine band can usually be traced to the abilities of the various student workers and section leaders. These people must "take charge", provide leadership, be a positive example, and give direction. They serve as inspectors, teachers, and drillmasters. The following is a list of some of the things expected of students chosen to be student workers.
* Be positive!

* Remember that leadership is a RESPONSIBILITY. You are not allowed to bend or break the rules because of your position.

* Be a Mature Role model.
* Demonstrate a committed work ethic toward making the BHS Band program the best it can be. This includes serving as a role model in:learning all music, drill, scales, exercises, music notation, terms, etc; show a genuine effort in mastering your instrument; percussionists should be comfortable on all instruments and show a willingness to perform any part Student leaders are expected participate in all band performances and activities and audition for the All-West TN honor bands.
* Give of yourself to others. Help when needed not just when asked. You will be surprised how much you will get in return.
* Assist the director, staff, and your fellow band members in achieving all expectations discussed in this handbook.
* Inform director immediately of those not living up to expectations.
* Contact director with any problems, concerns, or suggestions.
* Assist director and chaperones in maintaining order at football games and other band functions.
* Use proper language at all times. Every member of your section deserves respect. Do not talk down to anyone. Do not put down, or speak negatively about someone behind their back. If you have a problem with someone, work it out in a mature manner Notify the director, band president, or field commanders, if assistance is needed.
* Check roll at all band rehearsals and performances.
* Check your section daily for proper equipment (instrument in playing condition, mouthpiece/reeds, music/lyre/flip folder, etc).
* Section leaders will be responsible for inspection of their section prior to any public performance. This should be done in sectional time to point out deficiencies and section standards.
* Be alert for any musical inaccuracies in your section. Strive to work these out during sectional time. If you feel you have difficulties in this area, do not hesitate to ask the director for special assistance.
* Insist that your section plays at all times when marching and music are combined. You must be the model in this area.
* Do your best and strive for improvement from yourself and from your section.
* Realize that the growth of the Bolton High School Band program is directly related to your growth as a section leader . The director and staff will do everything in their power to give students the tools and opportunity for success. You must provide the leadership, attitude, maturity, spirit, pride, and diligence if we are going to succeed.