While there are several known applications of acupuncture, it is mostly used to address chronic pain.  As a matter of fact, many patients use it to address the pain arising from osteoarthritis. Different studies show that patients who went through acupuncture for five times each week for a month experienced less pain and stiffness on the affected limbs or body parts.  

Some studies even indicated more improvement if acupuncture is combined with other Chinese therapy like Tui Na, which is a form of Chinese massage. Some acupuncturists also recommend the use of Chinese herbs as a form of at-home therapy.  

Conditions Addressed by Acupuncture  

While chronic pain is the primary reason why more and more people are trying acupuncture, there are other uses of the therapy and one of them is to normalize blood pressure. There are available pieces of evidence showing how acupuncture can address high blood pressure while relieving dizziness, anxiety, palpitation, headache, and tinnitus at the same time. 

This is because increased blood pressure is the result of constricting blood vessels. If it is not addressed right away, it may lead to the formation of tumors and inflammations. Acupuncture is most effective against regulating inflammations.  

Acupuncture Works for Children 

Children who are suffering from chronic pain may also be benefitted by acupuncture. This is actually a welcome development, given the fact that not all children can take pain medications in the same tolerance as adults do.   

A certain study that consists of 55 children suffering from different levels of pain showed promising results. Some of the children in the group received 8 acupuncture sessions that last for 30 minutes. These children reported that they felt reduced amount of pain and actually claimed that the quality of their life has drastically improved.  

Acupuncture and Fibromyalgia  

The pain associated with fibromyalgia may be the one that’s most difficult to address because it is associated with depression, fatigue, and sleep problems. This illness has become the focus on a particular study showing that ten weeks’ worth of acupuncture can decrease the pain that patients experience by as much as 41%. Those who didn’t use acupuncture reported only 27% relief.  

In a study conducted on willing participants, it was found out that patients experience up to 50% pain reduction with acupuncture. If they were to use the traditional methods of addressing pain, they experience only 28% relief. The notable difference makes acupuncture more preferable than any other method.   

Acupuncture for Other Diseases 

Maybe one of the most research areas of acupuncture these days is how it benefits cancer patients. While more studies are needed, the possibility that there’s an easy cure for cancer is enough given high hopes to patients who have been suffering from the disease for far too long. There are also some studies showing that acupuncture may also help patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression.  

To know more about Brisbane acupuncture treatment, it is best that you consult with the experts in your area. They will be the ones who can advise you whether or not the treatment procedure is right for you.