Travel directions to local Bolton Band events.

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Bolton High School:

7323 Brunswick Road, Arlington, TN, 38002, 901-873-8150. (ext 225 for the band room.)

Brighton High School:

8045 Highway 51 South, Brighton (Tipton County), TN, 38011, 901-837-5800,

Central Church North:

6655 Winchester Road, Memphis, 38115, 365-4673
(See "Crichton College")

Central High School:

306 South Bellevue Blvd., 38104, 722-4500
(See "Crump Stadium")

Collierville High School:

1101 North Byhalia Road, Collierville, TN, 38017, 853-3310,
From Bolton......(directions pending)

Cook Convention Center (Graduation Ceremony):

Caution: There is on-going construction around the areas described here so there may be detours.

For band buses and equipment trailer: Let someone off here under the porch to go inside and have security open the north side access doors for the equipment trailer and tow vehicle. The students can unload here and proceed to the upper level performance area. The equipment truck and buses proceed down Front Street and turn right (east) at the corner of the CCC. About half way down on the right (between the CCC and I-40 overpass) are large garage type doors. Security will open them and allow the equipment trailer to be towed right up to within 150' of the performance area just across the hall.

For folks attending the ceremony: Proceed down Front Street. Just before the corner is a parking garage on the right below the CCC. I believe it's about $3.00 to park. There are other places to park, but the garage is pretty safe and is recommended.

Cordova High School:

1800 Berryhill Road, Cordova, TN, 759-4540,

Covington High School:

803 West College Street, Covington (Tipton County), TN, 38019, 475-5850
From Bolton......(directions pending)

Crichton College (inside Central Church):

Crump Stadium:

306 South Bellevue Blvd., 38104, 722-4500

When leaving for home, if I remember right, it is easier to turn out of the school right (north) onto Bellevue Blvd., then left (west) on Union, then immediately get on I-240 north (right). Can anyone help me with this one?

Note to Pit Crew: The equipment trailer can park beyond the visitor's right-side end zone in the small parking area on or next to the grass. There is a cable strung all the way around the football field. Pit equipment will have to be lifted over the cable to be set in place for the performance.


Evangelical Christian School (ECS):

7600 Macon Road, Cordova, TN, 38018, 754-7217

Fayette Ware High School:

13520 Highway 59, Sommerville (Fayette County), TN, 38068, 901-465-9838

Alternate route: You can also go out hwy 64 direct to Somerville, then turn north in town on hwy 76. Hwy 76 runs into hwy 59. Fayette Ware is about 3 miles north of Somerville.

Germantown High School:

7653 Poplar Pike, Germantown, TN, 38138, 756-2350

Graduation Ceremonies:

See "Cook Convention Center" or "Pyramid"

Halle Stadium:

Mt. Moriah at Mendenhall, Memphis, TN

Harding Academy:

1100 Cherry Road, Memphis, TN, 38117, 767-4494

Houston High School:

9755 Dogwood Road, Germantown, TN, 38139, 756-2370,

Jackson-Central Merry High School:

179 Allen Avenue, Jackson (Madison County), TN, 38301, 901-427-3501

Jackson Christian High School:

832 Country Club Lane, Jackson (Madison County), TN, 38305, 901-668-8055,

Jackson Northside High School:

3066 North Highland Avenue, Jackson (Madison County), TN, 901-668-3171,

Kirby Middle School:

6670 East Raines Road 38115. Phone: 369-1980.

Lakeland Christmas Parade:

I-40 and Canada Road.

The Christmas parade usually kicks off in the Sub Division about a mile south of I-40 just to the west of Canada Rd, and ends at the Factory Outlet Mall just south of I-40 on the east side of Canada Rd.

Liberty Bowl:

335 S. Hollywood, Memphis, TN, 38104

Milan High School:

Gibson County, TN, 901-686-0841,

For All West try-outs:
Turn right on Van Hook Drive. Continue on Van Hook Drive about 1.2 miles. (You will pass underneath a railroad tressel.) Milan High School will be on your right. Take the drive lane to the right side of the school, then circle to the left just behind the school to the far (east) end and park there. Enter the building at the east end.

For marching competitions:
It is recommended to send a car ahead of the band to check about parking for the buses. There are two possibilities: 1) Turn right on Van Hook Drive. After turning onto Van Hook Dr. look for the third street on your left (just before the Pizza Hut). This is Barnum St. Turn left on Barnum St. This street will T-intersect at Baird St and the parking area should be straight ahead. 2) Stay on Hwy 45 and cross Van Hook Drive. Take the next right after Van Hook Drive and look for someone to park the buses.

Millington Central High School:

8057 Wilkinsonville Road, Millington, TN, 873-8100,

Munford High School:

1080 McLaughlin Drive, Munford (Tipton County), TN, 38058, 901-837-5701,

From Bolton.....directions pending.

Obion County High School, Troy, TN:

Troy, Tennessee is just south of Union City on Highway 51.

Overton High School:

1770 Lanier Lane, Memphis, TN, 38117, 684-2136

NOTE: For football games see Halle Stadium, Overton's home stadium.

Pyramid, The (Graduation):

1 Auction Ave, Memphis, TN, 38105, 521-9675

Note: you will need at least 2 rolling racks of music stands. You will probably also need the tympani, bass drum, percussion accessory box, marimba/xylphone or both, plus all the large instruments. Loading is non-standard due to the music stands, so you have to wing-it a bit. (Chairs are provided by the Pyramid.)

Caution: There is on-going construction around the downtown area so there may be detours.

When entering the front gate, the entrance guards may try to make you pay to park. The buses and equipment trailer tow vehicle should NOT have to pay. The entrance guards should direct the buses and equipment trailer to the back side (west side, nearest the river) of the Pyramid. The back side may have closed gates at either end, so be sure the gate security calls to have someone meet you to open the back gates.

The equipment trailer can be backed inside the Pyramid at the north-most garage door. Security should open the garage doors for you. You can back the trailer in to unload, but will have to pull it back outside the doors to park due to fire codes.

The students can unload the buses here. The buses will return to park in the main parking area. After the ceremonies are over, the students can load the buses in the same area they unloaded.

All the instruments and music stands will need to be taken to the far side of the floor area from where you unload the trailer.

Ridgeway High School:

2009 Ridgeway Road, Memphis, TN, 761-8820
From Bolton......(directions pending)

Troy, Tennessee:

(See "Obion County High School")

Union City High School (All-West Auditions):

1305 High School Drive, Union City, Tennessee, 901-885-2373

Tip: There are several hotels and restaurants within 5 minutes of the school. If your child has an early morning audition, you may consider going up the night before and staying in a hotel.

West Memphis High School:

501 West Broadway, West Memphis (Crittendon County), TN, 72301, 735-3660/ Band: 732-8506

Note to Pit Crew: During competition, the pit trailer enters the field from the right side of the home stand which is backwards from most events.

Westside High School:

3389 Dawn Drive, Memphis, TN, 38127, 357-3700

Westwood High School:

4480 Westmont Street, Memphis, TN, 38109, 789-8000

Whitehaven High School:

Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN, 38???,

White Station High School:

NOTE: For football games see Halle Stadium, White Station's home stadium.

514 South Perkins Road, Memphis, TN, 38117, 761-8880,

As an alternate, you can take the I-40 to I-240 to Walnut Grove west and then turning left off of Walnut Grove onto old Perkins just past St. Mary's Episcopal School (just before Perkins extended).

Returning to Bolton may be easier by turning right (east) on Walnut Grove at the end of old Perkins, then getting on the I-240 loop north towards Nashville.

Woodale High School:

5151 Scottsdale Ave, Memphis, TN, 38118, 366-2440

NOTE: The High School campus is just north of the Middle School campus on the same street. Turn into the High School at the tennis courts to get to the auditorium.


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