Pit Crew 2011-2012

Pit Crew Committee

Bill Buchanan

Eddie Lindsey


The Pit Crew volunteers will support the students and the Director by moving band equipment throughout the year for various events. We especially need volunteers with vehicles capable of pulling a heavy trailer.

The primary function of the Pit Crew is to help set up the side line "Percussion Pit" equipment for each field show including competitions. It is important to have a dedicated team of volunteers for the Pit set up. The performance and competition scoring of the band and the pit percussionists depend on a smooth and expeditious set up and tear down. In some competitions, the Pit Crew itself is judged. Please note that the actual number of volunteers for the field show Pit Crew is limited for logistical reasons.

Some examples of Pit Crew duties are:

The men and women who volunteer for the Pit Crew usually are a "unique" bunch. They have a lot of fun, too much fun, sometimes. When you work the Pit Crew, you tend to bond to one another. It is a lot of hard work, but the satisfaction of helping the students is great.

For more information on the Pit Crew, contact the Booster President at: boltonband@hotmail.com

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